2nd Annual Snowboard on the Rocks

Last Friday the Second Annual Snowboard on the Rocks was held at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. Somewhere around 7,000 snow-crazy fans flooded the amphitheatre to see the live acts of Pigeon John, Michal Menert, Doomtree, and RJD2. These musical acts were the intermission entertainment for this year’s biggest snowboard video premieres.

The first video to be shown was Videograss’ highly anticipated Shoot the Moon. If you haven’t looked at the line up yet for this video, let’s just say that it is stacked! With a line up like Nick Dirks, Chris Grenier, LNP, and Jed Anderson this video had urban hammers left and right. I completely recommend going out to buy this video as soon as possible.

The second video to be shown was hyped up by the events emcee and Technine team rider MFM. In true Technine fashion with a mobster oriented opening that looked more like The Godfather than a snowboard movie. In Familia 2, the parts that impressed me most had to be Lucas Magoon and Bradshaw roof gapping two parking garages about 50 ft up. Dave Munoa's part kept things interesting during the middle of the video blending bangers in the back country and urban parking lot ledge drops into a well balanced part. Go out and pick this one up as soon as you can, was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Standard Film’s TB-20 was undoubtedly the crowd favorite. With such a variety of talent from riders like Halldor Helgason to Kevin Jones, this movie had something that appealed to everyone in attendance. With surprise double back flip from Kimmy Fasani and triple back flip from legend, Kevin Jones, Standard films kept everyone more than satisfied.
Some in attendance had bought their tickets for the music, others for the videos, but everyone left Red Rocks in awe.

I had the opportunity to get a word in with both emcee Pigeon John and Technine team rider Lucas Magoon.

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